Worth the Risk!

I wanted to create a giant centrepiece for my Carrara Markets stall and the BIGGER the BETTER! So after finding four foam tiers, I let my imagination run wild with ideas. After a couple of days pondering I came upon some spectacular lilies which I just HAD to use on the cake. Should I go traditional white with ribbon? Pretty pink with dots?
I decided to take a risk and use black fondant under the pink and white lilies. In my mind it would look striking and original but also elegant and pretty. So I tried it and as happy with the result. I added white, then black tiers continuously, but became stumped as I added my final tier. It was missing something... and ribbon just would not do. It needed something more - something fabulous!

What about beading?! I found the most beautiful ribbon with beading attached and knew I just HAD to use it. At first, I admit I was apprehensive and had never seen a cake decorated with such elaborate beading before. Would it look silly? Too heavy? Too 'fancy' for a cake?
Not at all! The outcome was more than I saw even in my imagination, and I was proud to display the cake at my market stall. Passers-by commented how much they loved it and how striking it was. The continual positive comments really boosted my confidence in my original design ideas and just in experimentation in general. I would LOVE to make this as a real cake so let me know if you're interested! Hope you like it!


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