Market Update

Holding a stall at Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast was a great experience! It was a wonderful marketing opportunity for me to get my name out to show people who I am and what I can do. I gave away literally heaps of business cards and already I have had people desiring quotes and orders for more- keep them coming! Meanwhile, I hope the cakes that were purchased were delicious and a delight for your family and friends!

I also received my first shipment of edible image borders from America which I used on a couple of cakes. They are awesome and really add something special for a simple yet effective gift. They come in all sorts of designs, which I will display on the blog this week. Until then, here are some pics of cakes I had on display for sale at the markets. All of these arrangements are available for sale, as well as many more! Just ask to see if I have your favorite flower, or design your own cake!

This is one example of the edible image borders I have available.

This is another example of an edible image. Wow!


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