The Biggest Cake Yet

Well I am excited to present the biggest cake accomplishment of my cake designing career! This four-tier beauty was created for an engagement party for over 200 people. What a fun project! I am very happy with the result, it turned out bigger, fancier and better than the designer, and even I had imagined! It was a huge succcess - literally! - and I can only hope I get the chance to create another one day!

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A Birthday at a Wedding

Nikki needed a cake for her daughter's birthday, which was held the same day as a friend's wedding - what to do? A Mini Masterpiece would be just perfect! A tiny cake mud cake (apx.7cm across) just for her, decorated in her favorite colors - what more could a 7 year old want? Hot pink, Purple, and Silver with a star theme. What fun! My favorite part was paining the silver stars, what a fantastic invention!
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Ready for the ENJO Party!

My friend Kara recently became an ENJO consultant and for her launch party she asked if I would be able to make an "Enjo" Cake. Hmm... that was a new one for me! Kara had the idea of an 'environmental' look with leaves on the top and the word Enjo on the front. Sounds interesting, let's give it a go! So I did, and we were both happy with the results. It was a great chance to experiment with leaf patterns and manipulating them to fit the desired look. Kara was very happy with it, and hey, now I can say I've made an 'Enjo' cake! ;-)
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Daisies for Alisha

My sister Alisha had a baby shower this month and as well as putting it all together I also wanted to make her a dream baby shower cake. Using her colors green, yellow and pink as well as a daisy theme, I was very pleased with the result - but best of all, Alisha absolutely loved it! I am really happy with how the daisies came out, as I was trying a new method to make them. And once again I got to experiment with a few fondant styles and leaf patterns. Not only that - it was delicious!!
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